Step 6. Work commences! Our professional staff are used to working in and around people's lofts, so rest assured you'll find them courteous and well mannered.

Step 7. As work progresses you'll be asked to make a number of decisions relating to where lighting, electrical points, telephone sockets, radiators etc are to go. The team manager will give you as much notice as possible but it's a good idea to be proactive - these things sometimes take a bit of thinking about to avoid disappointment. Again, are staff are very knowledgeable, and happy to offer advise even make the decisions for you if you'd rather!

Step 8. Once work is complete, many of our customers carry out the decorating themselves and then fit carpets. Other than that, we'll leave the loft complete in every way, having received sign-off from the building inspector. They'll then issue you with the certificate. Move in to your new loft conversion and enjoy! <back

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